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Claro Scientific, LLC


While spectroscopy-based analyses are used in the laboratory today, their value is limited.  They focus on subsets of data by relying on single measurement methodologies, simplistic data interpretation models and the analysis of a limited number of wavelengths in the light spectrum.  As a result, current spectroscopic methods on their own are not meeting increasingly complex detection and real-time analysis requirements.

Claro’s system platform addresses these increasingly complex information needs through a major breakthrough in spectroscopic analysis.  Claro can extract an unprecedented level of information from the combination of enhanced and expanded measurements (more data) and algorithm-driven interpretation models.  As a result, Claro’s integrated system platform can simultaneously analyze a combination of independent optical phenomena, such as absorption, transmission, scattering, fluorescence, polarization, reflection and nonlinear and/or time-resolved approaches over a large portion of the spectrum of light.  This innovative and proprietary approach allows Claro to extract detailed quantitative information from the unique optical profiles of particles, cells, fluids and processes.  This information includes, but is not limited to, size, shape, chemical composition, conformation, internal structure, particle count and population density.

In addition, the integration of multiple light analysis techniques substantially improves data quality by providing a combination of unique, corroborating and complementary information about a sample.  These same features also allow Claro to develop new tests faster and at a fraction of the cost of other diagnostic technologies.  Finally, the unparalleled flexibility and utility of Claro’s system will decrease the cost, complexity and time to result associated with competing, reagent-intensive techniques.  This means more analysis can be done to assure quality and improve processes and process outcomes.

Overview of Optical Profiling Systems


Claro’s integrated systems platform has two key components.  SpectraWave is a hardware unit that processes samples, collects an optical profile and transmits it to SpectraNet, an application software and database system.  SpectraNet communicates with SpectraWave, collecting the optical profiles and analyzing them using proprietary models and algorithms. Optical profiles are stored in SpectraNet and can be accessed for subsequent analysis and research.  For non-medical applications both SpectraWave and SpectraNet will be customer specific and located at the customer’s place of business.  For medical diagnostic applications, SpectraWave will be at a customer location and customers can access SpectraNet through a cloud-based service.  Claro will maintain SpectraNet at centralized data centers.  Results will be delivered electronically to the customer’s laboratory information system or other patient database systems.  For remote applications the results can be sent back to the SpectraWave unit and stored or printed.