Claro Scientific, LLC
Claro Scientific, LLC


Do I need to purchase an instrument from Claro to use SpectraWave?

SpectraWave is a instrument agnostic technology. Claro does not require that you buy any specialized measurement systems. We can however, recommend a spectrometer system based on your analysis or application requirements.


What do you mean by “instrument agnostic”?

Claro’s technology is not driven by specialized instrumentation or hardware unlike almost all other characterization systems on the market. SpectraWave works with any spectrometer regardless of the manufacturer so long as the spectrometer system which is being used has the appropriate signal fidelity and configuration for the desired application.


Is there any special calibration required?

No calibration is required other than what is necessary from the manufacturer of the measurement system.


We don’t have a spectometer. Can Claro provide both the sample measurements and the characterization”?

Absolutely, Claro can develop the appropriate measurement protocol for your application/samples and provide you with characterization services.