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Protein Solutions

SpectraWave Protein Solutions is being developed for a wide variety of customers including universities, research laboratories, biotechnology companies and regulators. Through previous collaborations, the technology has been utilized in commercial applications that featured sensor development, immobilized chemical sensors, and characterization of the joint property distribution of macromolecules, micron and sub-micron particles using light scattering and spectral deconvolution techniques. Optical profiling has been used in conjunction with specialized mathematical modeling and has been applied to the optimization and simulation of fermentors and polymerization reactors. Other sophisticated applications of the technology include stability analysis, mixing effects, design of optimum temperature and initiator addition programs, and the simulation of reactor trains.

SpectraWave Protein Solutions will initially focus on serving customer needs in the rapidly expanding proteomics segment of the particle analysis market. The system will be used by a wide variety of customers including universities, research laboratories, biotechnology companies and regulators.

SpectraWave Protein Solutions will improve biotechnology research and manufacturing systems with applications and services that deliver rapid, on-site results with enhanced, comprehensive information content. Because Claro’s integrated approach is portable and highly cost effective, it is no longer prohibitive to bring better diagnostic solutions to more phases of biotechnology research and manufacturing.

SW Advantages Protein Analysis

Currently marketed protein analysis systems are able to provide data on just one or two protein characteristics at a time (i.e., molecular weight, composition, etc). SpectraWave Protein Solutions simultaneously provides a full characterization of each sample. Claro’s characterization includes monitoring and interpreting conformational and structural changes in response to specific conditions and matrices. The ability to accurately measure protein interactions is a key factor in product development. Unlike currently marketed systems, Protein Solutions analyzes free protein-protein interactions and closely replicates what will happen in a lab or in vivo. Further benefits include faster delivery of information at a lower cost. And unlike most systems on the market today, Protein Solutions will provide comparable analysis data all the way to the sub-micron size level.

Claro has demonstrated that its highly innovative Protein Solutions application provides the real-time characterization and process data that is essential in defining and flagging novel biomarkers. It will also be useful for accelerating research and development efforts and optimizing outcomes in several key areas of protein research. This includes monitoring protein translations, including phosphorylation, ubiquination, and glycosylation. The same analysis application will assess advanced protein engineering methods, measure critical functions including protein-protein interactions, support protein complex predictions, analyze protein localization in the cell and monitor processes including proteostasis. Also, Claro’s Protein Solutions is ideally suited for advancing the field of computational proteomics.

The same type of information is integral to developing and manufacturing protein-based drug therapies and products. This includes optimizing product activity and safety; developing, scaling and monitoring biotechnology driven manufacturing processes; strengthening production controls; determining bioequivalence; and validating product quality and potency.