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Claro Scientific, LLC


SpectraNet  is a secure online library of optical profiles and proprietary algorithms used in the analysis of samples.  SpectraNet drives the identification and characterization processes using data from the SpectraWave system.  SpectraNet will be integrated with existing laboratory information systems (LIMS) for automatic electronic delivery of results in the hospital or healthcare center.   In addition, the ability to communicate with SpectraNet by multiple methods means quantitative information about a sample can also be sent to back to the SpectraWave system in the field or anywhere in the world.

SpectraNet Opportunities

By virtue of the information contained within optical profiles, the algorithms and data resident in SpectraNet are dynamic and will capture the evolution of processes, health conditions and organisms in real time. The flexibility of SpectraNet will enable rapid adaptation to changes/advances in processes or clinical practice. In addition, Claro will develop incremental revenue opportunities derived from the ability to data mine SpectraNet as an expanding epidemiological database at local, national, and global levels.

Spectral Identification: Particles, cells and microorganisms have unique optical profiles that enable rapid identification and characterization. SpectraNet will extract this information from optical profiles using its powerful algorithms.
Storage: SpectraNet will store optical profiles collected from SpectraWave systems. These stored profiles will be used to create new tests or optimize current ones.
Tracking: SpectraNet will reveal macro- and micro-level changes in particles, cells and microorganisms. With the help of GPS and online communications systems for medical diagnostic applications, it will enable real-time monitoring in the hospital, community or around the globe.
Exchange: SpectraNet will support multiple communication systems providing a variety of communication options with seamless and secure data exchange.
Retrieval: Data from SpectraNet medical diagnostic applications can be mined for a variety of uses such as patient and chronic disease monitoring, analyzing epidemiological trends, research and drug development, emergency disease management and planning.

SpectraNet is a learning system. That will contribute to expanding identification menus at a lower development cost and shorter time to market than other systems. This is possible based on three factors unique to Claro’s approach. First, SpectraNet will store optical profiles of cells and other organisms of interest for research and epidemiological monitoring. Second, the optical profile libraries in SpectraNet will be continuously updated, refined and mined. Finally, through the electronic communications interface with hospitals and other care sites, Claro can deliver the most current updates and new assays remotely and in real time.