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Claro Scientific, LLC


Expand User Access to SpectraNet

An optical profile is a small data file and will be stored in a network of databases maintained by Claro. These profiles will be used for subsequent analysis. Through research collaborations with leading hospitals, additional sample information will allow Claro to use stored optical profiles to significantly shorten and streamline the development cycle for new tests and medical applications. For Claro’s customers, stored optical profiles can be grouped by patient, by facility, by location or by an attribute from the profile itself for subsequent analysis. Hospitals can access the profiles for information to improve care, manage the facility or maximize reimbursements. Physicians can analyze changes in optical profiles over time to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment. A physician can go back to a profile to apply subsequent knowledge to evaluate other causes for a medical condition or to assess the progression of a chronic disease. Finally, as interest in personal health monitoring continues to increase, patients can use the data in SpectraWave to assess their health status and to evaluate the benefits of lifestyle or medical care changes over time.

SpectraNet Opportunities

SpectraNet Database Analysis Opportunities Extend Beyond Patient Care.

These databases will also have value for other customers. Research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and health agencies can use optical profile databases for scientific and medical research, demographic analysis, outbreak reporting and epidemiological monitoring.