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Claro Scientific, LLC

Product Portfolio

Claro Scientific, LLC is applying its patented optics-based technology to build an innovative diagnostic product platform called SpectraWave™. SpectraWave is a revolutionary approach to rapid diagnostics.  SpectraWave will optimize the capture and interpretation of how light interacts with a sample using powerful algorithms.  The result is an optical profile- a highly quantitative data file for sample identification and characterization.  SpectraWave, in conjunction with SpectraNet™, identifies fundamental characteristics of the composition of microorganisms, blood, and urine to assess patient health and make rapid, accurate, and quantitative identification of pathogens and diseases.  Application-specific product lines developed from the same SpectraWave platform will deliver an unprecedented level of information from a diverse array of analytes.  Claro’s product portfolio leverages the inherent flexibility of SpectraWave to provide solutions to areas of unaddressed market need.

Product Launches


Protein Solutions
SpectraWave Protein Solutions is a highly innovative system that simultaneously measures size, shape, number, density, chemical composition, conformation, structure, organization and free interactions of biological macromolecules, particles and fluids in real time. It fills important gaps in proteomics (protein analysis), the fastest growing segment of the global analysis market.

Microbiology Solutions
SpectraWave Microbiology Solutions is a culture based diagnostic system that significantly improves upon and streamlines current testing in the hospital laboratory. This innovative system provides results in less than five minutes without the use of chemical reagents. Initially the system is being developed to rapidly identify a bacterial pathogen from a positive blood culture.

Hematology Solutions
In partnership with the international nonprofit organization Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH), a portable version of the system called SpectraWave Hematology Solutions will be developed for whole blood analysis in the developing world.

Donor Solutions
SpectraWave Blood Donor Solutions is a portable, streamlined analysis tool for assessing donor eligibility and product quality.

SpectraNet is a secure online library of optical profiles and proprietary algorithms used in the analysis of samples. These profiles can be used for subsequent analysis by hospitals and physicians.  Through research collaborations with leading hospitals, additional sample information will allow Claro to use stored optical profiles to significantly shorten and streamline the development cycle for new tests and medical applications.