Claro Scientific, LLC
Claro Scientific, LLC

Luis Garcia-Rubio, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder, President, & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Luis García-Rubio, the inventor of the licensed Spectrophotometric technique, is an internationally renowned researcher whose work has been featured in more than 300 papers and proceedings in the fields of polymer chemistry, sensor development, and modeling of complex biological systems. With a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Mexico (UNAM), and a Masters and Ph.D. from McMaster University Hamilton, Canada), Dr. García-Rubio held technical positions at Hoechst (MX), PEMEX (MX) and Xerox (CAN) before moving to the University of South Florida in 1984, where in addition to supervising more than 20 Ph.D. candidates and generating 18 patents & invention disclosures, he has served as a consultant to Smith & Nephew, Perkin-Elmer, Ortho Diagnostics, Kimberly Clark, Beckman-Coulter, Waters, and SC Johnson, amongst others.

In addition to his academic and research work, Dr. García-Rubio was also a Principal and Co-Founder of Ocean Optics, Inc., a manufacturer of high-resolution spectrometers. Founded in 1986, Ocean Optics grew into one of the premier suppliers of miniaturized spectrometers for use in a wide variety of optical analyzers and systems. This previously undervalued or ignored market is now estimated to be worth $600 million/yr. Upon completion of the sale of Ocean Optics to Halma PLC in June, 2004, Dr. García-Rubio was able to focus his attention toward Claro and his lifelong goal of expanding the use of Biophotonics into disease detection and diagnosis.

Dr. García-Rubio has built a network of partnerships with other leading, key institutions to facilitate the development of this technology during his time at USF.  These partnerships led to $12 million in research and development grants from several major companies and agencies to advance the technology and support 21 doctoral dissertations and over 50 Master’s theses. Dr. García-Rubio is the author of eight patents awarded during his tenure at the University of South Florida. Dr. García-Rubio, who is currently on leave of absence from USF, led the formation of Claro Scientific.  He serves as the Company’s Chairman, President, and Chief Scientific Officer and leads the scientific and product development efforts. Dr. García-Rubio is committed to developing a team with the technical and scientific knowledge to continue to advance the application of the core photonics platform to address important needs in human diagnostics, personalized medicine, health monitoring, pharmaceutical development, veterinary care, manufacturing, environmental monitoring, and agriculture.  The success of this effort will ensure that Claro Scientific is capable of continuing the development and application of this innovative technology platform.