Claro Scientific, LLC
Claro Scientific, LLC


Claro has assembled an extraordinarily talented technical and business team with interdisciplinary expertise to drive the success of its optical profiling diagnostic technology. The Company’s scientific and engineering teams have world class expertise in sample preparation, data capture and modeling and interpretation. Claro believes that no other group has the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully develop an integrated core system, programs and databases with functionality across multiple applications. A series of collaborations and strategic partnerships are providing resources, support and expertise that are complementary to Claro’s accomplished technical team. These collaborations assure Claro’s team can focus on the research, development, clinical and engineering activities where it has unique capabilities and expertise.

The business team is experienced in strategic transactions, planning, finance, commercialization, reimbursement and regulatory affairs. Claro’s internal team is complimented by external partners with expertise in joint development programs and alliances to accelerate Claro’s progress. The Company expects to use a portion of the proceeds raised through equity to build on this strong foundation and expand the scientific and product development teams and augment the Company’s management team with additional clinical, regulatory, financial, operational, and marketing personnel.

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Scientific & Engineering Team