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Claro Scientific to present at “ONEMEDFORUM 2011” Finance Conference for Emerging Healthcare and Life Science Companies


St. Petersburg, FL–(December 9, 2010) — Claro Scientific, LLC has been invited to present at OneMedForum in San Francisco 2011 on January 10-13, 2011 at Sir Francis Drake Hotel at 450 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102.

According to OneMedPlace Science Editor and Writer Romulo Hurtado, Ph.D., “Spectroscopy is a staple scientific methodology for the analysis of biological and chemical compounds, utilized for such wide varying purposes as genetic content analysis and the identification of the elemental composition of a chemical. The advancement of this technique by Claro Scientific into a multi-dimensional platform has important and broad implications, with the potential to serve as a breakthrough tool in different scientific fields, for different purposes.”

The fourth annual OneMedForum event continues to be a vital connecting point for healthcare/life science-focused emerging companies, business development executives and investors. The three-day event will include industry-focused panel sessions, numerous networking opportunities, and more than 125 presentations by some of the most promising emerging medical device, biotech and health information companies.

OneMedForum San Francisco 2011, runs concurrently with the J.P Morgan conference that provides efficient access to the companies that shape the future of the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. “Our mission is one of discovery. And our goal is to find the most promising and least known opportunities among both public and private companies.  Our mission is to bring together investors, business development executives, and the brightest new ideas and emerging healthcare and life science companies. Our panel sessions provide Insights for investors to better understand and identify prospective investment opportunities among the 100+ emerging public and private companies that will present over the two and a half days” said Brett Johnson, CEO and OneMedPlace.

“We sought to get a variety of perspectives to give investors genuine insight as to where the opportunities lie,” said J. Casey McGlynn, chair of the programming committee. “Our goal is to provide the big picture and then present actual investment opportunities in a time efficient format such that investors can meet presenting companies throughout the conference and as well as after the event.”

The conference will feature presentations by over 100 of the most promising emerging public and private companies. A Health Technology session will occur on Thursday morning and a China Forum educational seminar will be held Monday, January 10th, before the conference starts. Numerous workshops will also occur throughout the conference.

Event:  OneMedForum 2011

When: January 11-13, 2011 at 11:40 a.m. (EDT)

Place: Sir Francis Drake Hotel, 450 Powell Street, Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Pre-registration is required:

To meet with Claro at this event, please contact Thomas McLain at

About OneMedForum

Founded in 2008, OneMedForum events are held biannually in San Francisco in January and in New York in June. They are designed to create a communications platform for emerging companies to connect with strategic partners and investors.

About Claro Scientific, LLC

Claro Scientific is developing innovative diagnostic systems using its patented multidimensional optical profiling technology.  Claro’s systems deliver highly precise, detailed and quantitative information about the composition and character of biologic and non-biologic samples in minutes.  These products have significant competitive advantages in several commercial markets including protein and cellular characterization, biotechnology process analysis and research, medical diagnostics, personalized health monitoring, blood banking, biodefense, environmental monitoring, agriculture, food safety and veterinary medicine.  Each application of the technology is developed from the same core design.

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